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Everything You Wanted To Know About XBox 2

If you want to know information about XBox 2, then this is the right place for you. All those game fanatics out there, get ready for something bigger and better as the second iteration for Xbox, known as Xbox 2 is ready for a release this year and if latest reports are to believed, we can see Xbox 2 to get a release in November this year.

Very little is known as to whether multi-million dollar company Microsoft would hold a pre-E3 show to announce Scorpio or not, which is identical to what Sony did with the PS4 Pro. The head of Xbox, Phil Spencer has already confirmed that gaming console Xbox 2 promised to be most powerful console ever created. He made this announcement at the end of E3 2016. With more and more details of the gaming console is slowly getting revealed, his statements are turning out to be a truth, but nothing has been finally stated as of now.


Xbox is a video game brand which has been created and is owned by Microsoft. It suggests a number of gaming consoles created by them. It was released in the year 2001 in the USA. Specifications of the present console, Xbox One S, a slimmer version of Xbox one, was confirmed last year in June, 2016. In the post PS4 Pro world, it is extremely difficult to answer whether it is a next generation console or something just iterative similar to the Pro, which Sony has strongly made it clear is not the PS5. The Xbox 2 (Project Scorpio) would feature native 4K and hi-fidelity VR. It is something which just a very efficientPC can offer. In a blog post, Spencer has confirmed that they would do the complete launch of Xbox 2 at E3 2017, which suggests on June 11, Sunday at 2PM PDT/5PM EDT, the features on the Xbox 2 will finally be known.

Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg has said that his company is working to study from the results of Project Scorpio and if it becomes a victory, the future of consoles will be finallly evolved. Moreover, putting aside VR titles, Scorpio is not planning on having any unique games. This means that the new games will also work on your earlier system. One of the most interesting elements to look forward to in Xbox 2( is the inclusion of VR solution.  On the other end of the spectrum, Xbox 360 will multiply the lifespan to almost two times of its previous editions by the time it is ultimately phases out. The American multinational technology company is trying its level best to make the games as compatible as possible across different systems.  All of the aforementioned points really make it very hard to say whether Project Scorpio is in fact Xbox 2 or not. Microsoft has been describing to the trio of consoles of Xbox One, Xbox One S and Xbox 2/Project Scorpio as Xbox Family. Therefore, it means that no gamer will be left behind. In other words, one can play it one any of the console within that family.

The game-playing experience on Project Scorpio enables users to play them in 4K and also with soon to come graphical upgrades that we see on PS4 Pro.


Borderlands 3 Is Under Development: is it Confirmed?

The gaming world has more or less created history with new ideas and plots. The 2017 year is expected to roll out two of the most renowned sports gaming installments, the FIFA 18 and NBA 2K18. But does that mean it is “the” ultimate for all serious gamers across the globe? Well, definitely no. The action-packed gaming series with first person shooter game is also one of the possible much-anticipated video game of today’s era.  Yes, you guess it right, we are talking about the much-anticipated Borderlands 3 which is touted to come with the Borderland game series and is a video game signifying the action role-playing. It’s a first-person shooter game.

Borlandlands 3: What’s the New Buzz?

In the year 1999, when the first game of Borderlands series rolled out gamers worldwide took the courage to take a look at the game. Talking about the sequel, it’s a real successful one as far the title go. There are millions of things that don’t even intend to go halfway with common fans’ expectations as per gaming installments. But when we are considering the Borderlands series, the creator is always one leap ahead of others. And with Borderlands 2, Gearbox Software, the creators just knew the formula to deliver one after the other hit installments. No official announcement has been offered; therefore it is hard to say, that Borderlands 3 confirmed by Gearbox has undergone official announcements. But with current reports, we can at least have a clue of Borderlands to be under its progress for development. With developers’ intentions, they have been dropping hints on Borderlands 3 characters. Envision says, after the GDC 2017, Pitchford, the CEO has teased that he was shooting in the motion capture for the “psycho bandit” n order to develop a new game. Though, nothing confirmed news has he given to fans regarding Borderlands 3 development! But the famous illusionist duo Penn and Teller were also present for the same shooting, so closer hints signify Borderlands 3 characters, or what role they might be playing in the upcoming game.

Borlandlands 3: Release Date

Almost three years have passed since Borderlands 2, the popular First Person Shooting action based video gaming installment was released for the Xbox, PlayStation 3 as well as PCs. Critically and commercially the game took over a massive success in Borderlands career, but now fans are inquisitive to witness yet another power-packed game with the unveiling of Borderlands 3. As per rumors and reports go, Borderlands 3 Release Date is not expected before 2018, so taking a stab, we presume the game to launch in the middle or the end of 2018.



Tekken 8: The new game to come with new Characters

Tekken 8: Ever since the game series was introduced, gamers around the world have always loved it. Now that Tekken 7 is going to get unveiled in the year 2017 around the globe we are quite excited about its next console. Though, the arcade version of Tekken 7 was first introduced in Japan in the year 2015. But not that we know the release date of Tekken 7 in PCs, we would definitely give thanks to the Bandai Namco Entertainment for letting us know something officially. Around the globe, gamers now want to know what new can happen; if at all Tekken 8 is released. So here’s presenting you some of the wishlist features of the game Tekken 8 for all our Tekken fans.


Tekken 8: System Requirements

  • Operating System


Windows 10 64-bit recommended.


Windows 7 64-bit is needed.

  • RAM


8 GB is the recommended system requirement for Tekken 8.


Minimum of 8 GB is needed to install the Tekken 8 game.

  • Graphics


AMD Radeon RX 480 8GB or  Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060


AMD Radeon R7 370, OR, Nvidia GeForce GTX 660

  • DirectX


DirectX 12 is recommended for Tekken 8


DirectX 11 is needed for Tekken 8.

  • Processor


Intel Core i5-4690S @ 3.2 GHz is recommended.


Intel Core i3-4340 @ 3.6 GHz is needed.

  • Storage


60GB is recommended.


60 GB is needed.

Tekken 8 Rumors: Tekken 7 is expected to be a conclusion to one of the key arcs in Tekken series. So gaming gurus might think that Tekken 8 will re-start by framing an entirely new plot by going through a rework from the ground. But we can expect the game to offer us some gaming nostalgia of Tekken series. On the contrary, a bigger part of Tekken 8 wishlist features must add up discussing new characters. Even if we witness Heihachi and Kazuya taking their last breaths in the game, King of Iron Fist will definitely not come to halt. That comes to the discussion of a new character to be portrayed in Tekken 8 game. Perhaps, for gamers, it would definitely be a thing to rejoice, if the bloodline is carried forth with the son of Jin, and we can see him or her to be the protagonist of Tekken 8. Tekken 8 is also expected to come with new fluid animation along with some graphical improvements.

Tekken 8 Platforms & Release Date: Tekken 7 will be witnessed by gamers worldwide in the year 2017, though the arcade version of the game was released in Japan back in 2015. But for Tekken 8, we can expect the makers to reveal the release date at least not before 2018. The updated version set of the game Tekken 7 worldwide will be unveiled on the 2nd of June in 2017 on PS 4, Windows PC along with Xbox one. So we can expect Tekken 8 to come on PS 4, Xbox One, and of course Microsoft Windows PC.



FIFA 18: Release Date Revealed !!

Today, the world of gaming has changed. There are devoted gamers in the field of video gaming. Revolution of the gaming industry is on the way in meeting the summit. When we talk about FIFA, players around the world are expecting something bigger than before from its next console, FIFA 18. FIFA 17 was released only a couple of months ago in September last year. The ‘Journey Mode’ did create havoc among the FIFA fans. With serious and focused gamers, come some wishlist features according to their preference of games. Truly, gaming has become a much more devastating factor both in negative and positive ways.

For all FIFA addicts, you need to know one thing. Playing an original match and making an attempt at playing it via your PC is not quite similar. But yes, FIFA proves to be that good to provide that kind of ambiance even when you are pressing keys, looking at the screen and witnessing the game. This is your addiction. And we do care for your personal interests. As we believe in connection; and without connection, we won’t be able to make the bonding through our write-ups. Electronic Arts first launched FIFA Soccer or FIFA Football in the year 1993. Further consoles came in and complimented your favorite game; be it UEFA Champions League or the FIFA World Cup! But wait for a second, hold your breath. You ask me why? Because here’s presenting you the wishlist features of FIFA 18 which by one way is speculated just for people like you, the FIFA addicts.


In the world of real world football, the awards are the most crucial part; especially the Balloon D’Or ceremony award which is a season’s achievement.  In FIFA 18 game, we can expect it to come up with Balloon D’Or in FIFA 18’s next journey mode. Graphics is the major part when we talk about any video gaming series. Playing without any heads and referee pulling some yellow card, these are nothing but some of the graphical glitches that FIFA 17 is plagued. We hope to see some excellent graphics in the upcoming console of FIFA 18. In FIFA, we see different players celebrating with any random player, which somewhere looks extremely stupid. However, in PES we see players with specific celebration. FIFA 18 is expected to be somewhat like PES when it comes to the celebration of players, going by the trailer.

For all FIFA addicts, if you are seeking to know the exact release date of the FIFA 18, then it is now next to impossible. But going with the traditions of FIFA, it released its last console in the month of September last year. So we can speculate EA Sports to choose the month of September for FIFA 18 to get unveiled.



Will Uncharted 5 Be A Better Version Than Uncharted 4?

Ever since the announcement of Uncharted 5 was made, fans of the game started wondering whether Uncharted 4. Well, we do not complete details about Uncharted 5, but we can definitely explore it based on all the rumors and speculations that have been surfacing online.

Current reports state that the Uncharted 5 might have begun production. We still are unsure whether we will get to see Nolan North and Neil Druckmann in the future or not. Naughty Dog, the developer of the game, has not confirmed that they will be directly involved in the project or not, although Druckmann has not thrown out the chances of any sort of involvement. It is being believed that Naughty Dog will stay as advisors for Uncharted 5, as it might go into the hands of some other creators. Uncharted 5 will probably follow along the lines of the previous games in the series, but since it will be created by various hands, we can see some improvements.

As far as the release date of the game is concerned, all we can say is that the upcoming game will not be released at least three or four years from now, and most likely the Uncharted 5 release date is being believed to be around in the year 2020. Druckmann used to say before the release of The Last Of Us 2 that there were pressures to deliver the sequel since they did not want the sequel to fall flat from the success of its previous editions. We can only hope whenever it comes out, it turns out to be good. Very little is known about the plotline of the upcoming edition of the game, but it is being believed that it will be drastically different from its previous editions. Whether game enthusiasts are ready to experience a significant change from the basics elements of the game or not remains yet to be seen.


The fourth edition has been hailed by many critics as the apt end to the series, and for a while, it looked like that this would the end of Nathan Drake’s adventures. Over the years, the game franchise has only got better.  As a result, it is understandable that the makers want to cash in as much as possible out of it as they can. Uncharted 4, which was released in 2016, was a clear pointer and a culmination of all that.  But it seems there are more narrations to hear. Uncharted 4, which is the present edition of the game to be launched, shook up the preconceived notions about the narration pattern and has in turn created the story and character’s arc even more, coming out as full-fledged people out of the video game characters. The first three games in the game were considered to be a part of a trilogy with a self-sufficient story of their own.

As the actual developers are quite busy at the moment, Uncharted 5 may not go into development just now. The creator officially announced in December 2016 that The Last Of Us 2, which is the sequel to the post-apocalyptic shooter game that took the globe by a storm.

Where on one hand, North has confirmed that he would be interested to return, Druckmann on the other end of the spectrum has clearly stated that it was very much possible for the plot to be explored further with Uncharted 5, but it would not be with Nathan Drake at the middle of the game.


This is what the new NBA 2K18 will also ship with

From what we know of now, we are looking at two different formats of the NBA 2K18 game’s legends version now; one is the normal edition, or the regular Legends game, which will come for $99.99 while the Gold variant will come for $149.99. We also know that these games will be made available in digital and physical formats as well, while the physical format for the Gold Edition will be an exclusive product at Gamestop.

Gamers who pre-order the NBA 2K18 Legend Edition will also receive special memorabilia including ones with Shaq as well. Also on board is all-new in-game content and Early Tip-Off Access:

Physical Items Listed

Expect these items

  • A very good looking Limited-edition Shaq poster;
  • 5 trading cards, manufactured by Panini, and
  • New and Exclusive stickers

Digital Content will include

  • 100,000 Virtual Currency for swift playing;
  • Shaq in-game items for super fans
  • 20 Weekly MyTEAM Packs;
  • And some mor items which are yet to be listed

What to expect from the Gold Edition:

Physical Items said to include:

  • Limited-edition Shaq Poster, similar to the former edition,
  • Lenticular;
  • 10 Panini trading cards, again the same, and
  • All-new and exclusive stickers.

Digital Content set to include:

  • 250,000 Virtual Currency, comparatively less,
  • Also on the platter are 40 Weekly MyTEAM Packs;
  • Shaq in-game items, similar to the previous game,
  • Early Tip-Off Access;

Gamers who pre-order the NBA 2K18 Legend Edition will also receive special memorabilia, incuding ones with Shaq as well. Also on board is all-new in-game content and Early Tip-Off Access

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PS 5: All You Need To Know!

In the world where gaming has been booming with flying colors, releasing of PS 5 becomes the most crucial stage where true-hearted gamers are hoping to witness the release of it. All serious game freaks are awaiting the big day when PS 5 will be launched. But exactly when will Play Station get released? Well, if you are also standing in the queue with a similar question, then this article might help! Before narrating anything else let us have a vivid background about Play Station and its history.

Released in Japan on December 3, when digital gaming was just a myth, Play Station is created and owned by Sony Interactive Entertainment. With bigger possibilities arrived its successor under the name Play Station 2 becoming the finest home selling console till date. It reached approximately over 155 million units. Soon after Play Station 3 arrived in the year 2003 and eventually sold over 80 million consoles around the globe. Last but definitely not the least, there was Play Station 4; which in just one day sold 1 million consoles. Now that PS 5 is already in everyone’s mind, we have some speculated features that Sony will bring with its much awaited Play Station 5. Let us have a comprehensive outlook on the key specs of PS 5 which are mentioned below.


Play Station 5 (PS 5): What are the KEY FEATURES?

Reports say Sony is on its way in discounting the third installment, i.e. Play Station 3 in some years. Meanwhile, if the report is true, then there is a possibility that Sony will bring the upgraded version with betterment in its features when compared to that of PS 3. The swirling rumors also state that Play Station 5 will include resistive RAM or 3D stacked RAM. In some couple of years, Sony can bring the digital content which will be offered in 4K resolution. The California-based company, Ostendo is working on the chipset to project videos on a 48-inch diagonal surface. Theatrically, it might create some complex images. Graphics perhaps is the most important part, when comes to the gaming industry. Serious fans are hoping to witness PS 5 to be differentiated from that of real life. As sources let us know, Sony would launch a ten teraflop system in the next PS 5! The heart of PS 5 is expected to be created next generation experiences, and optical waveguides will replace internal wirings, whereas, photons will power transistors instead of electrons now. Now for the official release check out what is mentioned below.

PS 5: Official Date of Release!

Well, as far as the reports, Sony is going to launch its next Play Station by the end of 2017. But rumors come fast and get dismissed faster. So we don’t have any other option besides, relying upon the time! But according to a valid source, Play Station 5 is soon to be released in the year 2020 but not sooner than that. Just for the time being let time take the time to unfold the excitement.

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WWE 2K18 All Set to Get New Inclusions Besides Few Exclusions

The world of video games is all set to get some new games that are scheduled to be released in the year 2017. That list of new games also includes the WWE 2K18 which is one of the popular releases that take place every year. And like on all the instances, we are expecting that some changes are going to be brought in the game. Talking about the changes, it should be mentioned that it is not only about the gaming experience that we are discussing here, we are also taking a look at the new inclusions and exclusions that are going to be made as far as the roster of the playable characters is concerned.


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Before getting into the characters that are going to be excluded from the roster of the upcoming edition of the game in the WWE 2K series developed by 2K Games, let’s just take a look at the inclusions that might happen in WWE 2K18. At the least fans of the game who also follow the proceedings in the real-life entertainment show would love to see these changes being brought in by 2K Games in the upcoming edition of the game.

One of the characters that the gamers would like to see is in the Women’s section of the game. Ember Moon has been one of the most popular wrestlers whom the viewers have come across in the WWE NXT which is the developmental stage for the mainstream events like the WWE Raw, Smackdown and other PPVs that are held throughout the year. Besides Emery Moon there nothing much that the fans could expect from the women’s section.

However, there could be a number of additions made in the men’s section of the game in WWE 2K18. The first and foremost is the Cruiserweight Championship which became the part of the original show in the latter half of the year which made it impossible for WWE 2K17 to include. And the arrival of the Cruiserweight Championship is somewhat a surety as far as WWE 2K18 is concerned. Other than that, the fans keep a close eye on all developments in WWE would really love to see Bobby Roode, Andrade Almas and Roderick Strong making an appearance on the roster of the WWE 2K18. All these three men have managed to grab the attention of the fans, and it would be really great to see them making an appearance in the upcoming edition.

Besides the inclusion, as it is mentioned above, there are a number of exclusions that are going to take place as well. Among the notables, we have Alberto Del Rio whose contract with WWE has been terminated for issues related to the wellness policy violation. Other than Alberto Del Rio, Lita is one of the popular names alongside Booker T who have called it a day. Stardust is also going to be one of the notable absentees in the WWE 2K18 roster.


Blackguards 2 Review



As you know Blackguards 2 is a tactical role-playing game and it is developed and published by Daedalic Entertainment. This game can be played on Microsoft Windows and OS X in the year 2015. This game is a sequel of The Dark Eye: Blackguards. For newcomer how is it felt to conquer the world? A blackguard 2 is about seriously an angry protagonist named Cassia. She is the first in a cord of improvements that raise it above its antecedent. Threw in an oubliette by a thoroughly a rough husband whose body filled with blemishing spider venom and mental balance diminish –then what is a lady do?

The convoluted, extremely reciprocal maps returns which were also the part its first game but Blackguards 2 is a slicker and also more confident RPG. The original game was a zigzag but the sequel is free from that turn and it is blessed with a greater motivation and direction. It also manages to complete a promise the previous game made but it not fully satisfied. From the get-go, you can play the villain.

In the most game there is an antagonist and to follow the tradition Cassia would be the same. Certainly a sympathetic one but one who still needs to conquer or at least stopped. But you will see Cassia as close as you will get to a hero in Blackguard 2. Her husband’s labyrinthine dungeon made her mad. She escapes from her situation with thoughts of beating filling her mind. And for this reason she does not want to take revenge, she wants to rule like a real hero. But as her husband is a filthy depiction villain she is that role you will be making way for. To win the kingdom she needs accomplices, a strong army and to crush the mines, towns, and villages of the kingdom mean the whole infrastructure under her grip.


Characters lists are sodden in statistics and numbers. There is still a wide area of pools to fill ability points into it. Each character can go down several different paths and they can range from spells to weapon-specific skills. All the playing character also do that accordingly; they join Cassia with capabilities of them and elbow them down broad routes.

On the other hand, Cassia can do whatever she wants. For finishing off enemies she creates damage dealing enchanter with a very sharp sword. She charges into battle, ejecting fire and the frost. He who gets close to her she carving down and this matches with her personalities very much.