Blackguards 2 Review



As you know Blackguards 2 is a tactical role-playing game and it is developed and published by Daedalic Entertainment. This game can be played on Microsoft Windows and OS X in the year 2015. This game is a sequel of The Dark Eye: Blackguards. For newcomer how is it felt to conquer the world? A blackguard 2 is about seriously an angry protagonist named Cassia. She is the first in a cord of improvements that raise it above its antecedent. Threw in an oubliette by a thoroughly a rough husband whose body filled with blemishing spider venom and mental balance diminish –then what is a lady do?

The convoluted, extremely reciprocal maps returns which were also the part its first game but Blackguards 2 is a slicker and also more confident RPG. The original game was a zigzag but the sequel is free from that turn and it is blessed with a greater motivation and direction. It also manages to complete a promise the previous game made but it not fully satisfied. From the get-go, you can play the villain.

In the most game there is an antagonist and to follow the tradition Cassia would be the same. Certainly a sympathetic one but one who still needs to conquer or at least stopped. But you will see Cassia as close as you will get to a hero in Blackguard 2. Her husband’s labyrinthine dungeon made her mad. She escapes from her situation with thoughts of beating filling her mind. And for this reason she does not want to take revenge, she wants to rule like a real hero. But as her husband is a filthy depiction villain she is that role you will be making way for. To win the kingdom she needs accomplices, a strong army and to crush the mines, towns, and villages of the kingdom mean the whole infrastructure under her grip.


Characters lists are sodden in statistics and numbers. There is still a wide area of pools to fill ability points into it. Each character can go down several different paths and they can range from spells to weapon-specific skills. All the playing character also do that accordingly; they join Cassia with capabilities of them and elbow them down broad routes.

On the other hand, Cassia can do whatever she wants. For finishing off enemies she creates damage dealing enchanter with a very sharp sword. She charges into battle, ejecting fire and the frost. He who gets close to her she carving down and this matches with her personalities very much.


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