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WWE 2K18 All Set to Get New Inclusions Besides Few Exclusions

The world of video games is all set to get some new games that are scheduled to be released in the year 2017. That list of new games also includes the WWE 2K18 which is one of the popular releases that take place every year. And like on all the instances, we are expecting that some changes are going to be brought in the game. Talking about the changes, it should be mentioned that it is not only about the gaming experience that we are discussing here, we are also taking a look at the new inclusions and exclusions that are going to be made as far as the roster of the playable characters is concerned.


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Before getting into the characters that are going to be excluded from the roster of the upcoming edition of the game in the WWE 2K series developed by 2K Games, let’s just take a look at the inclusions that might happen in WWE 2K18. At the least fans of the game who also follow the proceedings in the real-life entertainment show would love to see these changes being brought in by 2K Games in the upcoming edition of the game.

One of the characters that the gamers would like to see is in the Women’s section of the game. Ember Moon has been one of the most popular wrestlers whom the viewers have come across in the WWE NXT which is the developmental stage for the mainstream events like the WWE Raw, Smackdown and other PPVs that are held throughout the year. Besides Emery Moon there nothing much that the fans could expect from the women’s section.

However, there could be a number of additions made in the men’s section of the game in WWE 2K18. The first and foremost is the Cruiserweight Championship which became the part of the original show in the latter half of the year which made it impossible for WWE 2K17 to include. And the arrival of the Cruiserweight Championship is somewhat a surety as far as WWE 2K18 is concerned. Other than that, the fans keep a close eye on all developments in WWE would really love to see Bobby Roode, Andrade Almas and Roderick Strong making an appearance on the roster of the WWE 2K18. All these three men have managed to grab the attention of the fans, and it would be really great to see them making an appearance in the upcoming edition.

Besides the inclusion, as it is mentioned above, there are a number of exclusions that are going to take place as well. Among the notables, we have Alberto Del Rio whose contract with WWE has been terminated for issues related to the wellness policy violation. Other than Alberto Del Rio, Lita is one of the popular names alongside Booker T who have called it a day. Stardust is also going to be one of the notable absentees in the WWE 2K18 roster.


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