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PS 5: All You Need To Know!

In the world where gaming has been booming with flying colors, releasing of PS 5 becomes the most crucial stage where true-hearted gamers are hoping to witness the release of it. All serious game freaks are awaiting the big day when PS 5 will be launched. But exactly when will Play Station get released? Well, if you are also standing in the queue with a similar question, then this article might help! Before narrating anything else let us have a vivid background about Play Station and its history.

Released in Japan on December 3, when digital gaming was just a myth, Play Station is created and owned by Sony Interactive Entertainment. With bigger possibilities arrived its successor under the name Play Station 2 becoming the finest home selling console till date. It reached approximately over 155 million units. Soon after Play Station 3 arrived in the year 2003 and eventually sold over 80 million consoles around the globe. Last but definitely not the least, there was Play Station 4; which in just one day sold 1 million consoles. Now that PS 5 is already in everyone’s mind, we have some speculated features that Sony will bring with its much awaited Play Station 5. Let us have a comprehensive outlook on the key specs of PS 5 which are mentioned below.


Play Station 5 (PS 5): What are the KEY FEATURES?

Reports say Sony is on its way in discounting the third installment, i.e. Play Station 3 in some years. Meanwhile, if the report is true, then there is a possibility that Sony will bring the upgraded version with betterment in its features when compared to that of PS 3. The swirling rumors also state that Play Station 5 will include resistive RAM or 3D stacked RAM. In some couple of years, Sony can bring the digital content which will be offered in 4K resolution. The California-based company, Ostendo is working on the chipset to project videos on a 48-inch diagonal surface. Theatrically, it might create some complex images. Graphics perhaps is the most important part, when comes to the gaming industry. Serious fans are hoping to witness PS 5 to be differentiated from that of real life. As sources let us know, Sony would launch a ten teraflop system in the next PS 5! The heart of PS 5 is expected to be created next generation experiences, and optical waveguides will replace internal wirings, whereas, photons will power transistors instead of electrons now. Now for the official release check out what is mentioned below.

PS 5: Official Date of Release!

Well, as far as the reports, Sony is going to launch its next Play Station by the end of 2017. But rumors come fast and get dismissed faster. So we don’t have any other option besides, relying upon the time! But according to a valid source, Play Station 5 is soon to be released in the year 2020 but not sooner than that. Just for the time being let time take the time to unfold the excitement.


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