Tekken 8: The new game to come with new Characters

Tekken 8: Ever since the game series was introduced, gamers around the world have always loved it. Now that Tekken 7 is going to get unveiled in the year 2017 around the globe we are quite excited about its next console. Though, the arcade version of Tekken 7 was first introduced in Japan in the year 2015. But not that we know the release date of Tekken 7 in PCs, we would definitely give thanks to the Bandai Namco Entertainment for letting us know something officially. Around the globe, gamers now want to know what new can happen; if at all Tekken 8 is released. So here’s presenting you some of the wishlist features of the game Tekken 8 for all our Tekken fans.


Tekken 8: System Requirements

  • Operating System


Windows 10 64-bit recommended.


Windows 7 64-bit is needed.

  • RAM


8 GB is the recommended system requirement for Tekken 8.


Minimum of 8 GB is needed to install the Tekken 8 game.

  • Graphics


AMD Radeon RX 480 8GB or  Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060


AMD Radeon R7 370, OR, Nvidia GeForce GTX 660

  • DirectX


DirectX 12 is recommended for Tekken 8


DirectX 11 is needed for Tekken 8.

  • Processor


Intel Core i5-4690S @ 3.2 GHz is recommended.


Intel Core i3-4340 @ 3.6 GHz is needed.

  • Storage


60GB is recommended.


60 GB is needed.

Tekken 8 Rumors: Tekken 7 is expected to be a conclusion to one of the key arcs in Tekken series. So gaming gurus might think that Tekken 8 will re-start by framing an entirely new plot by going through a rework from the ground. But we can expect the game to offer us some gaming nostalgia of Tekken series. On the contrary, a bigger part of Tekken 8 wishlist features must add up discussing new characters. Even if we witness Heihachi and Kazuya taking their last breaths in the game, King of Iron Fist will definitely not come to halt. That comes to the discussion of a new character to be portrayed in Tekken 8 game. Perhaps, for gamers, it would definitely be a thing to rejoice, if the bloodline is carried forth with the son of Jin, and we can see him or her to be the protagonist of Tekken 8. Tekken 8 is also expected to come with new fluid animation along with some graphical improvements.

Tekken 8 Platforms & Release Date: Tekken 7 will be witnessed by gamers worldwide in the year 2017, though the arcade version of the game was released in Japan back in 2015. But for Tekken 8, we can expect the makers to reveal the release date at least not before 2018. The updated version set of the game Tekken 7 worldwide will be unveiled on the 2nd of June in 2017 on PS 4, Windows PC along with Xbox one. So we can expect Tekken 8 to come on PS 4, Xbox One, and of course Microsoft Windows PC.



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