Borderlands 3 Is Under Development: is it Confirmed?

The gaming world has more or less created history with new ideas and plots. The 2017 year is expected to roll out two of the most renowned sports gaming installments, the FIFA 18 and NBA 2K18. But does that mean it is “the” ultimate for all serious gamers across the globe? Well, definitely no. The action-packed gaming series with first person shooter game is also one of the possible much-anticipated video game of today’s era.  Yes, you guess it right, we are talking about the much-anticipated Borderlands 3 which is touted to come with the Borderland game series and is a video game signifying the action role-playing. It’s a first-person shooter game.

Borlandlands 3: What’s the New Buzz?

In the year 1999, when the first game of Borderlands series rolled out gamers worldwide took the courage to take a look at the game. Talking about the sequel, it’s a real successful one as far the title go. There are millions of things that don’t even intend to go halfway with common fans’ expectations as per gaming installments. But when we are considering the Borderlands series, the creator is always one leap ahead of others. And with Borderlands 2, Gearbox Software, the creators just knew the formula to deliver one after the other hit installments. No official announcement has been offered; therefore it is hard to say, that Borderlands 3 confirmed by Gearbox has undergone official announcements. But with current reports, we can at least have a clue of Borderlands to be under its progress for development. With developers’ intentions, they have been dropping hints on Borderlands 3 characters. Envision says, after the GDC 2017, Pitchford, the CEO has teased that he was shooting in the motion capture for the “psycho bandit” n order to develop a new game. Though, nothing confirmed news has he given to fans regarding Borderlands 3 development! But the famous illusionist duo Penn and Teller were also present for the same shooting, so closer hints signify Borderlands 3 characters, or what role they might be playing in the upcoming game.

Borlandlands 3: Release Date

Almost three years have passed since Borderlands 2, the popular First Person Shooting action based video gaming installment was released for the Xbox, PlayStation 3 as well as PCs. Critically and commercially the game took over a massive success in Borderlands career, but now fans are inquisitive to witness yet another power-packed game with the unveiling of Borderlands 3. As per rumors and reports go, Borderlands 3 Release Date is not expected before 2018, so taking a stab, we presume the game to launch in the middle or the end of 2018.



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