Will Uncharted 5 Be A Better Version Than Uncharted 4?

Ever since the announcement of Uncharted 5 was made, fans of the game started wondering whether Uncharted 4. Well, we do not complete details about Uncharted 5, but we can definitely explore it based on all the rumors and speculations that have been surfacing online.

Current reports state that the Uncharted 5 might have begun production. We still are unsure whether we will get to see Nolan North and Neil Druckmann in the future or not. Naughty Dog, the developer of the game, has not confirmed that they will be directly involved in the project or not, although Druckmann has not thrown out the chances of any sort of involvement. It is being believed that Naughty Dog will stay as advisors for Uncharted 5, as it might go into the hands of some other creators. Uncharted 5 will probably follow along the lines of the previous games in the series, but since it will be created by various hands, we can see some improvements.

As far as the release date of the game is concerned, all we can say is that the upcoming game will not be released at least three or four years from now, and most likely the Uncharted 5 release date is being believed to be around in the year 2020. Druckmann used to say before the release of The Last Of Us 2 that there were pressures to deliver the sequel since they did not want the sequel to fall flat from the success of its previous editions. We can only hope whenever it comes out, it turns out to be good. Very little is known about the plotline of the upcoming edition of the game, but it is being believed that it will be drastically different from its previous editions. Whether game enthusiasts are ready to experience a significant change from the basics elements of the game or not remains yet to be seen.


The fourth edition has been hailed by many critics as the apt end to the series, and for a while, it looked like that this would the end of Nathan Drake’s adventures. Over the years, the game franchise has only got better.  As a result, it is understandable that the makers want to cash in as much as possible out of it as they can. Uncharted 4, which was released in 2016, was a clear pointer and a culmination of all that.  But it seems there are more narrations to hear. Uncharted 4, which is the present edition of the game to be launched, shook up the preconceived notions about the narration pattern and has in turn created the story and character’s arc even more, coming out as full-fledged people out of the video game characters. The first three games in the game were considered to be a part of a trilogy with a self-sufficient story of their own.

As the actual developers are quite busy at the moment, Uncharted 5 may not go into development just now. The creator officially announced in December 2016 that The Last Of Us 2, which is the sequel to the post-apocalyptic shooter game that took the globe by a storm.

Where on one hand, North has confirmed that he would be interested to return, Druckmann on the other end of the spectrum has clearly stated that it was very much possible for the plot to be explored further with Uncharted 5, but it would not be with Nathan Drake at the middle of the game.


Blackguards 2 Review



As you know Blackguards 2 is a tactical role-playing game and it is developed and published by Daedalic Entertainment. This game can be played on Microsoft Windows and OS X in the year 2015. This game is a sequel of The Dark Eye: Blackguards. For newcomer how is it felt to conquer the world? A blackguard 2 is about seriously an angry protagonist named Cassia. She is the first in a cord of improvements that raise it above its antecedent. Threw in an oubliette by a thoroughly a rough husband whose body filled with blemishing spider venom and mental balance diminish –then what is a lady do?

The convoluted, extremely reciprocal maps returns which were also the part its first game but Blackguards 2 is a slicker and also more confident RPG. The original game was a zigzag but the sequel is free from that turn and it is blessed with a greater motivation and direction. It also manages to complete a promise the previous game made but it not fully satisfied. From the get-go, you can play the villain.

In the most game there is an antagonist and to follow the tradition Cassia would be the same. Certainly a sympathetic one but one who still needs to conquer or at least stopped. But you will see Cassia as close as you will get to a hero in Blackguard 2. Her husband’s labyrinthine dungeon made her mad. She escapes from her situation with thoughts of beating filling her mind. And for this reason she does not want to take revenge, she wants to rule like a real hero. But as her husband is a filthy depiction villain she is that role you will be making way for. To win the kingdom she needs accomplices, a strong army and to crush the mines, towns, and villages of the kingdom mean the whole infrastructure under her grip.


Characters lists are sodden in statistics and numbers. There is still a wide area of pools to fill ability points into it. Each character can go down several different paths and they can range from spells to weapon-specific skills. All the playing character also do that accordingly; they join Cassia with capabilities of them and elbow them down broad routes.

On the other hand, Cassia can do whatever she wants. For finishing off enemies she creates damage dealing enchanter with a very sharp sword. She charges into battle, ejecting fire and the frost. He who gets close to her she carving down and this matches with her personalities very much.