FIFA 18: Release Date Revealed !!

Today, the world of gaming has changed. There are devoted gamers in the field of video gaming. Revolution of the gaming industry is on the way in meeting the summit. When we talk about FIFA, players around the world are expecting something bigger than before from its next console, FIFA 18. FIFA 17 was released only a couple of months ago in September last year. The ‘Journey Mode’ did create havoc among the FIFA fans. With serious and focused gamers, come some wishlist features according to their preference of games. Truly, gaming has become a much more devastating factor both in negative and positive ways.

For all FIFA addicts, you need to know one thing. Playing an original match and making an attempt at playing it via your PC is not quite similar. But yes, FIFA proves to be that good to provide that kind of ambiance even when you are pressing keys, looking at the screen and witnessing the game. This is your addiction. And we do care for your personal interests. As we believe in connection; and without connection, we won’t be able to make the bonding through our write-ups. Electronic Arts first launched FIFA Soccer or FIFA Football in the year 1993. Further consoles came in and complimented your favorite game; be it UEFA Champions League or the FIFA World Cup! But wait for a second, hold your breath. You ask me why? Because here’s presenting you the wishlist features of FIFA 18 which by one way is speculated just for people like you, the FIFA addicts.


In the world of real world football, the awards are the most crucial part; especially the Balloon D’Or ceremony award which is a season’s achievement.  In FIFA 18 game, we can expect it to come up with Balloon D’Or in FIFA 18’s next journey mode. Graphics is the major part when we talk about any video gaming series. Playing without any heads and referee pulling some yellow card, these are nothing but some of the graphical glitches that FIFA 17 is plagued. We hope to see some excellent graphics in the upcoming console of FIFA 18. In FIFA, we see different players celebrating with any random player, which somewhere looks extremely stupid. However, in PES we see players with specific celebration. FIFA 18 is expected to be somewhat like PES when it comes to the celebration of players, going by the trailer.

For all FIFA addicts, if you are seeking to know the exact release date of the FIFA 18, then it is now next to impossible. But going with the traditions of FIFA, it released its last console in the month of September last year. So we can speculate EA Sports to choose the month of September for FIFA 18 to get unveiled.


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